Monday, May 6, 2013

four months

You are Four Months old now. Mommy is lying in a bed typing this and trying not to feel guilty that I didn't take this picture on May 4th and hoping one day, when you are a mommy yourself and you read this that you'll be ok with that.  Ahhh...Mommyguilt is something that strikes at random leaves me breathless occasionally.
My gorgeous girl you are so incredibly sweet and amazing to me. You smile at everyone that holds you and eagerly wait to be picked up in the morning...or middle of the night, whenever the fancy takes you. You are strong and eager to play and love to be snuggled right up against me or Daddy and hopefully your big brother too. You are trying to roll and have done so once or twice. We may have cheated and given you a little help with the arm but you seem to find it so funny to lie on your side and flop back and forth. You still hate tummy time and as seen in the picture above will only tolerate it for a few minutes before flopping your head down in frustration and agony.
Your big brother absolutely adores you. I could not have asked for the situation to be any better. He asks for you as soon as he wakes up and is dying for you to be old enough to be able to share his "pink ice cream" with. He holds your hand/arm whenever you are near him and loves to cuddle you. He's working on the "gentle" touches but I know that soon I will hear the sibling love throughout the house.
You are still occasionally sleeping through the night, but not anything that I can count on consistently and while I am on bed rest are really giving your Daddy a run for his money trying to put you to bed. I just have to keep reminding myself only a week more before I am able to pick you up out of your crib again and see your excited wiggles that someone has come to see you.
My sweet amazing little girl. I've waited my whole life for you. You take my breath away and I am so proud to watch you grow.

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  1. Hulk Baby does not like holding up her Hulk Head